WienerSalon Nougat gives the connoisseur a piece of timelessness. The handmade, palm-free and milk & lactose-free creams convince with a nut content of up to 60%. Used as a high quality ingredient, it transforms simple recipes into gourmet creations. Of course, they are also "pure" and spoonful a real happiness producer.

In order to secure premium quality for all our customers our high-quality products come with carefully selected suppliers from all over the world. The pistachios are from Sicily, the hazelnuts from Turkey, the coconuts from the amazing Philippines and the bourbon vanilla pods are obtained from the sunny Madagascar. Both sugar, glucose and rapeseed oil come from Austria. And of course, the loving manual work is also from many hands in Austria.
As soon as the raw materials arrive at the manufactory they pass up to 8 people before they finally reach you: At first the nuts have to be roasted and grounded to a fine nut pulp. Each ingredient is carefully weighed and prepared for the mixture. It is going to be stirred until the smooth nougat crème is finished, which is then filled into a 100g jar with a piping bag. Subsequently, the jar is closed manually and in order to solidify put in the refrigerator. When the nougat is solid the labelling and packaging is carried out as well as the shipping to our distributers, where our jars await impatiently to be picked up by you.


All ingredients conform to premium quality and are professionally prepared according to all quality standards.



The man behind the nougat. He is a connoisseur and indefatigable taste researcher: The Carinthian nutritionist went to the capital to sweeten the Viennese tradition even more. In fact, his creation, which he calls "Wiener Salon Nougat", does not only melt on the tongue but also gives the connoisseur a bit of happiness - and thus timelessness.

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Wiener Salon Nougat - Das kleine Glück im Glas

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